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How Much Does Oasis HR Outsourcing Cost?

Last Updated: August 16, 2022

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What you should know about Oasis HR #

Oasis HR is a company that offers assistance in different areas of human resource to different businesses, including hiring and recruiting, payroll, risk management, benefits and tax remittances among others. Oasis HR also offers mobile solutions and is always willing to review critical components of a business, including departmental structures of a business and employee performance. They can also supply services which would take the business concerned needed time to find themselves.

Pros of Oasis HR #

As a company that offers human resource services, this company also offers businesses many features that enhance productivity. When a business uses Oasis HR, the business outsources Human Resource services to this company. This means that the business will be able to offload a variety of functions that Oasis HR can handle in a professional manner. Oasis HR has the capacity to professionally handle tax filling and payroll, health administration and employee benefits. The company can also maintain records and files, manage legal compliance and oversee employee training and development. With Oasis HR, businesses can minimize risks, save on non revenue generating office expenses, improve efficiency and enjoy employee development.

Points to consider before opting for Oasis HR #

  • Financial stability – Oasis HR must be financially stable before outsourcing HR services to the company. This is because the company will be involved in the management of fiduciary obligations of your business. Financial stability also dictates the experience of the company in terms of payroll processing, submission of payroll taxes and payment of insurance premiums, all necessary when developing a business.
  • Flexibility – it is important that business owners should determine whether Oasis HR has the flexibility in offering HR services. In this case, a business should only select Oasis HR based on its flexibility and customization services to match the businesses' precise HR needs.
  • Track record – you must ensure that Oasis HR has a proven track record in offering HR services to its clients. The financial status of the company can prove stability of the company, but this does not equate to better employment practices and/or superior service delivery to clients.

Sample prices of Oasis HR #

Prices for HR services offered by Oasis HR are not publicly known. The only way in which a business can get these prices is by obtaining quotes directly from Oasis HR. However, it is important for business owners to understand that the way any HR company will price HR services will vary depending on the type of business. As average estimates, the cost of outsourcing HR can range from as low as 2% to as high as 11% of the total wages.

Secondly, most HR firms base their prices on per employee basis. With such a measure, hiring the HR firm could mean that a business would have to pay between $300 and $2,000 per employee per year for these services. For small businesses with less than 5 employees, HR firms can offer their services at a flat monthly fee of about $150.

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