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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Sauna?

Last Updated: January 20, 2022

In Finland, where saunas have been used for thousands of years, "sweat baths" are not a luxury, but a necessity. Those who have taken up this Finnish tradition at home will likely agree that spending time in the sauna is a way of life. If that way of life has been interrupted by a broken sauna, you may need to hire a pro to get it working properly again.

Sauna Troubleshooting #

Saunas have a simple design are generally very reliable. Over the years, however, heat and moisture can take their toll and parts can simply wear out from use. Before you bring in a professional, check to see if any of the following issues might be causing your sauna malfunction:

Sauna Doesn't Turn On #

  • Power cord isn't plugged in
  • Outlet is faulty (plug another item into the same outlet and see if it works)
  • Circuit breaker is tripped (the sauna may need its own circuit breaker if this continually occurs, or the amperage rating might be incorrect)
  • Fuse is blown (replace it if the metal filament is busted)
  • Heater control timer isn't working (repair or replace)

Sauna Doesn't Heat Up Correctly #

  • Thermostat isn't set high enough
  • Thermostat is broken (use a cooking thermometer in the sauna and compare it to the thermostat reading)
  • Heating element is failing or burned out (a voltmeter or multimeter can be used to test the element)
  • Heater and/or heater guard rail is incorrectly positioned (in order to "breathe" the heater should be at least 10 inches from the sauna floor; the heater guard rail needs to be at least 6 inches from any vent)

General Problems #

  • Wood paneling/tile is broken (remove the affection section(s) and replace it with matching wood/tile); a cracking or warping fiberglass sauna may need to be replaced entirely
  • Insulation, vapor barrier, or door seals are faulty (remove and replace, check the sauna's instruction manual)
  • Vents are blocked (clean them out)
  • Rocks are falling apart or stained (rocks should be replaced every 5 to 10 years; if you spill something other than water on the rocks, clean them with a mild detergent solution then rinse and let dry)
  • Control panel light doesn't come on (the indicator light could simply be burned out, or the control panel itself might be broken or have a bad connection)
  • Light is out (if replacing the light bulb doesn't work, there may be a wiring problem)

Note: Unless you have experience with electrical work, any problem related to the sauna's wiring should be handled by an electrician or sauna technician.

Sauna Repair Average Costs #

  • estimates that the average nationwide cost for sauna repair is approximately $250 to $400. Depending on the sauna type, the nature of the problem, and the work required, actual costs might be significantly higher or lower.
  • A diagnostic test on your sauna might cost around $100.
  • Expect to pay $75 to $100 per hour for a sauna technician, plus the cost of any repair parts. To get an idea of how much sauna parts cost, check out this page or perform an internet search for the part needed.
  • DIY sauna repair resources can be found at and

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