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How Much Does Bathroom Resurfacing Cost?

Last Updated: January 12, 2022

Bathroom Resurfacing Prices #

Bathroom resurfacing is an inexpensive substitute for major bathroom renovation. Generally, resurfacing is done to a bathroom with no major structural flaws and doesn't involve electrical or plumbing. If you want to just change the color or give a face-lift to worn looking fixtures then bathroom refinishing may be right for you. However, if your bathroom is decrepit, leaky or poorly ventilated, then a simple resurfacing won't make these problems go away.

Resurfacing a bathroom usually includes doing surface work to any or all of the following: bathtubs, shower bases, sinks, countertops, toilets, and wall and floor tiles. Resurfacing an entire bathroom could cost somewhere around $1,500 to $4,000, though many people choose to resurface individual components based on need and budget.

How much does bathtub resurfacing cost? #

Based on estimates from customers living in different areas of the countries, one can expect to pay approximately $250 to $750 for bathtub refinishing. To do it yourself would cost significantly less; around $100 for a refinishing kit and other materials such as a respirator, safety gloves, tape, paintbrush and drop cloth.

How much does bathroom sink resurfacing cost? #

Refinishing sinks in your bathroom will cost, on average, $250 to $350 dollars. A do-it-yourself kit can be purchased for around $50.

How much does bathtub tile refinishing cost? #

Hiring a contractor to retile the area around your bathtub and/or shower will cost you around $500 a day. Doing it yourself would save you half of this or more, perhaps as little as $200 for the materials.

How much does bathroom tile refinishing cost? #

Tile refinishing, also known as tile reglazing, on an average-sized bathroom floor, will cost around $1000 when done by a professional. Doing it yourself could be as cheap as $300…around $75 for a kit and $200 for the tiles and other materials.

How much does bathroom countertop resurfacing cost? #

It shouldn't cost you much more than $500 to resurface the countertops in your bathroom because countertop space in most bathrooms is small. If yours is larger than average, the price will increase accordingly. In general, resurfacing is 70% to 80% cheaper than buying new countertops.

Shopping for bathroom resurfacing? #

In general, resurfacing a bathroom by yourself will save money but it involves the use of harsh chemicals which can be hazardous if handled improperly. Also, most home improvement projects have the best results when done by professionals. Fill out our simple form to receive multiple free quotes from licensed and insured contractors in your area. We will match you to professionals that will help guide you with your bathroom resurfacing needs.

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